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Speed Glaze Tub & Tile Roll or Spray Refinishing

  • $ 29900
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  • 50% Less Odors than Conventional Refinishing Products
  • Tack Dries in Under 4 Hours
  • Peel or Crack Resistant
  • Easy to Use All Inclusive Kits
  • Roll-On or Spray-On
  • Competent Free Technical Support

Kits come complete with all products you will need to perform standard bathtub refinishing. Choose the appropriate kit as each kit contains specially formulated products for each surface type.

Choose the Speed Glaze Tool Kit That is Best for You

  • Standard Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit - Refinish up to 10 tubs - Spray or Roll-n
  • Basic Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit - Tons of tub refinishing tools and restore up to 20 tubs
  • Pro Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit - Total package of tub refinishing tools and supplies to refinish up to 20 tubs or 1000 square feet of tile and 50 chip repairs.

NOTE Speed Glaze is used for color changes. If you don't need to change the color, try Glastic No-Spray to restore the surface back to its original color using 99% less paint.


Standard speed glaze kit includes the following components and will refinish up to 10 standard bathtubs or 500 square feet of tile and grout

  • 2 Quarts Resin  - Part A
  • 2 Quarts of Catalyst - Part B
  • 1 Quart of Thinner - KF 3
  • 2 Quarts of Etch KF-45 or Speed Prime

Basic Start Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit

This Kit Includes Tools for Performing our Speed Glaze Tub and Tile Refinishing Process. This kit will make your job a Whole Lot Easier & Faster.

  • EZ grip handle - Attaches to scrub pads to make cleaning easier
  • Caulk removing Knife - Makes quick work of removing caulk from around the tub and tile
  • 1 Tube Poly Caulk - Give your refinished tub and tile a finished look
  • Reusable Microfiber Tack Cloth - Remove dirt before refinishing the tub or tile
  • Razor Scraper - Help you in cleaning the tub and tile before refinishing
  • 16 oz bottle - For diluting Step 1 Tub and Tile Cleaning Agent
  • 2 - 4 oz bottles - For applying Steps 2 & 3 that give the tub a high gloss finish
  • 1 qt of Strip Safe - A safer way to strip old paint of a tub or tile before refinishing
  • Overhead Tool Bar - Securely holds you tools and lights out of your way
  • 6 way GFI - To plug all your tub and tile refinishing tools into
  • Accelerator Tub Drying Fan - Reduces refinishing time by as much as 50%
  • 25’ Power Extension Cord
  • Work Light with special daylight bulb - To help you find repairs that are not visible under normal lighting
  • Professional Heat Gun - Helps dry tub and tile repairs quicker
  • Stain Blaster Tool - Electric cleaning tool that reduces cleaning time by as much as 75%
  • Tub Dress Up Kit - Makes Drain and Overflow Like New
  • Tub Care Kit - Cleaner, Polish and Pads - Sell these to clients at a 100% mark-up
  • Speed Glaze Products to Refinish up to 10 tubs
  • 1 Caulk Away - This electric tool reduces time on Removing Old Caulk by as much as 75%

Pro Start Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit

BONUS OFFER! Get our Super Easy Business Plan when you purchase a Professional Kit.

Includes Basic Kit above plus enough products to recoup your investment many times over. Be up and running with the Earth's Safest and Most User Friendly Bathtub Refinishing Product line in as little as 10 days. Exclusive Speed Glaze System. Best Value!

  • Basic Kit Plus all this
  • Speed Glaze Refinishing Kit (refinish up to 20 tubs or 1000 square feet of tile and grout)
  • No Spray Porcelain Bathtub Restoration Sample Kit (refinish up to 4 porcelain tubs)
  • Chip Repair Starter Kit (up to 50 medium chip repairs)
  • Assorted Self Adhesive Vinyl Safety Bottoms (add a safety surface to up to 20 bathtubs)
  • 8 Hours of No Spray Tub and Tile Refinishing Training (Phone and Video or In Person at our Headquarters in Atlanta GA)


  • Spray or Roll On Application
  • Use a ventilation system like our EZ Vent
  • Use a cartridge style chemical respirator
  • Use a full body covering and rubber gloves

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