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No-Spray Restoration Tub & Tile Kits

Refinish Tubs and Tile Using 99% Less Paint

Tired of the traditional harsh spray chemicals. 

Imagine Restoring Tubs & Tile without dangerous Spray methods.

Remove ugly peeling paint without dangerous Paint Strippers.

The World's First No Spray Bathtub & Tile Refinishing System.

Guaranteed to work or your $ back.

SPR's Exclusive  No-Spray Restoration Product Line has 99% Less Odors, 99% Less Paint, 99% Less Dust,

 When applied properly accordingly it will not peel. Because it soaks in to the very pores of the surface. 

Restore the original surface back to it's new look without using paint.

Our Kits include everything needed to restore  tubs or tile. Here is a basic description of the process.

  1. If the tub was painted before, remove any old paint using StripSafe. 
  2. Perform a deep cleaning of the tub using Step 1 Multi Purpose Cleaner and the cleaning pads supplied in the kit 
  3. Make chip Repairs. Install a SlipGrip Safety Bottom if needed. (Covers wear through)
  4. Apply Step 2 Glastic Sealer Re-builder to fill in microscopic voids and scratches that are causing the surface to look dull. 
  5. Apply Step 3 Glastic Gloss Restorer over areas that received 
  6. Apply Step 4 Radius Enhancer to all radius areas of the tub to really make it POP. 
  7. Polish the surface if needed

NOTE: Glastic No-Spray is not for color changes our products  restore the surface back to its original color. For color changes or a tub that is just too far gone use SPR Speed Glaze roll on Refinishing.