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Power Washer Conversion Kit

  • $ 32500

Convert your 4 or 5 GPM Pressure Washer into a Professional Roof Cleaning Machine

  • Roof-Brite Cleaning Wand - Regular 39" or Tall 47" (For Applicators 5' 5" & up)
  • 20 % Chemical Injector with hose and strainer (down stream Injection protect power washer)
  • Quick Connect PSI gauge (Helps Avoid Too Much Presure on shingles)
  • 5 Gallon Closed Mouth Container
  • Calibration Measuring Tool

Included is the Exclusive ARB Roof Cleaning Wand

Exclusive ARB Roof Cleaning Wand performs all functions from the roof. Operator is not required to return to the ground until his job is complete.

  • Cleans leaves from gutters  (without changing messy nozzles)
  • Dispenses Roof Color Restorer
  • Comes in two lengths Regular and Tall


Your power washer should be equipped with 200 feet of heavy duty hose this will permit you to work on virtually any roof without having to move your equipment once it is setup. If equipment is mounted in vehicle it is necessary to have plenty of hose since driving on lawn is Not Recommended. Your hose must reach  virtually any part of the roof.

You will find however that 200 ft of pressure hose can become quite unruly and should be stored on a hose reel.

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