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Stain Block - Roof Stain Prevention Formula

  • $ 2900

Stain Block Prevents Roof Stains caused by fungus or algae from returning after Roof Cleaning!

Roof stains caused by fungus or algae can be prevented by applying a stain blocking agent. These stain blocking agents can slow the formation of fungus and algae until the next application, usually once per year. They may need to be applied more often in extremely damp and warm climates. Applying a stain blocking agent can reduce the wear caused by regular pressure washing the roofing shingles. These products can be applied by the homeowner or a contractor and are simply mixed with water and sprayed on using a pump up sprayer or powered pump and wand. Stain block agents are inexpensive and are preferred to continuous pressure washing. Each time the roofing shingles are washed using a power washer, it removes the granules that make the shingle resistant to the sun and elements.

Start Earning Residual Income with your own Roof Cleaning Business

Earn Residual Income by establishing one Roof Maintenance Program contract each week for the next 5 years = 780 contracts. Potential income after just 5 years = $312,000 per year. Each 2000 square foot roof should take less than an hour to treat and gross approximately $400 - Cost as low as $140 = Net Profit $260. This is only an example. Based on charging a minimum of 20 cents per square foot for annual treatment.

We encourage you to start your own Roof Maintenance Program Today. Step 1 - Clean shingles using Color Restorer. Step 2 - Prevent stains from coming back for up to 12 months using Stain Block. Step 3 - Electronic Recurring Charges using your clients credit card or annual prepay option. Some have found it beneficial to establish a small recurring monthly fee for this service instead of charging annually.

A Roof Maintenance Program not only puts more cash in your pocket now, it also makes your business more valuable. This can help with your Exit Strategy. If you ever decide to sell your business or retire, your business will be worth more. Residual Income is your ticket to a more secure future.

  • Prevent Roofing Shingles from staining
  • Asphalt, Concrete, Wood, Tile & More
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Siding of all kinds
  • Apply using Pump Up Sprayer or SB Tornado
  • Annual treatment
  • Environmentally safe
  • Used on 1000s of roofs
  • Will not harm roof or paint
  • Biodegradable and safe to use after diluting
  • Easy to handle recycled containers
  • No need to cover shrubs with plastic when using
  • Safe for pets, vegetation, flowers grass & shrubs*
  • Does not neutralize termite protection, like Chlorine

*Only after being diluted, applied and rinsed off with plenty of water. Do not spray directly on anything besides what is being cleaned.


  • 1 Quart Treats up to 125 square feet
  • 1 Gallon Treats up to 500 square feet
  • 1 Case Treats up to 2000 square feet

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