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About us

What Makes SPR® Different?

SPR® has Grass Roots

Our founder and president, Larry Stevens, Sr. started repairing and refinishing bathtubs and tile in the early 1970's.

This produced a need for better, more durable refinishing products. When local suppliers couldn't deliver, Stevens went to work.

With a limited chemistry background, Stevens started experimenting with various solutions to repair and refinish different surfaces.

After many months in his home laboratory, he created a refinishing solution that has been in use since 1973. PolySilicone™, now called ArmorGlaze™.

That same product that was applied to 100's of tubs in the 70's, is still holding up today with daily use for over 30 years.

The toughest glaze in the bathtub and tile refinishing industry was founded by Stevens in his home laboratory and he has create an entire system for applying ArmorGlaze™ that is still in use today by refinishers all over the USA and Canada.

Paintless Tub & Tile Refinishing

In the 80's, Stevens set out to create a new refinishing product line that would soon become one of the fastest selling tub and tile refinishing methods in the world.

Stevens wanted a safe, easy to ,earth friendly method to refinish bathtubs and tile.

So he created Glastic™ NoSpray™ to fill this need.

Glastic™ NoSpray™ is the world's safest, lowest VOC refinishing line available.

It is safer for the earth, the applicator and the end user.

It cannot peel when applied according to directions.

It have no overspray because it is not sprayed on.

It has 99% less paint, odors and dust.

And Glastic™ NoSpray™ is easy to apply and comes in ready to use kits including all cleaners, pads and refinishing solutions.

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Cleaning Ugly Roof Stains

In the 90's, Stevens saw a need for exterior maintenance products that are effective and easy to use.

He saw a particular need in Roof Stain Removal.

In his home in Atlanta GA USA, deep in the south, roof stains caused by fungus and algae growth were becoming a real problem.

And no one had any answers beside squirting some bleach up there and washing it off.

That created a whole slew of problems that would be roof cleaners never saw coming.

The bleach was drying out the shingles, killing plants and neutralizing termite treatments around the homes.

There had to be a better, safer and more efficient way to solve this problem.

Stevens went back to his home laboratory. Before long he emerged with Roof Color Restorer™.

A non bleach, eco friendly solution that actually paralyzes the fungus and algae.

This causes it to loosen its grip on the tiny roofing granules allowing it to be washed off the roof with low pressure.

When he went public with the American Roof Brite® system in the 90's, contractors all over the US started seeing dollar signs in roof cleaning profits.

1000's of roofs, with decades of life left in them, were saved for pennies on the dollar, compared to replacement.

This was the beginning the roof cleaning industry as we know it today.

Most companies still use bleach or some other hazardous material and high pressure to remove roof stains.

American Roof Brite® formula is one of the safest, fastest and easiest to use roof cleaning systems available today.

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Rain Gutter Protection

During his roof cleaning investigation, another menace reared its ugly head in the form of clogged gutters.

Causing damage to unsuspecting homeowners nationwide.

Many companies were trying this and that to prevent damage to fascia and siding due to clogged gutters, but with little success.

Screens were the first try, but these needed to be cleaned regularly themselves in order to keep water flowing freely.

Stevens found that the solid surface gutter cover, using surface tension to pull water into the gutter and allowing leaves and debris to go right over the edge, worked best.

He went to work creating a clip to fasten the gutter cover on to just about any type gutter.

Thus emerged Gutter Shield®.

The fastest and easiest to install, lowest profile solid surface gutter cover available today.

Gutter Shield® has saved 1000's of homeowners millions in home repairs by preventing the damage caused by smelly, clogged gutters.

Now you can benefit from Stevens research and work.

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Want to start a New Service Business using our products and systems?

It has never been easier to team up with SPR® than it is today. 

Simply purchase our awesome products and install them.

We can help you with technical support and training to ensure you are using them to their potential. 

This allows you be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

We can also help you with sales and marketing, daily operations, goals, how to make a profit and much, much more.

Call 770-966-1331 now for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our growing team of service professionals.

Men and women who have found the wisdom in using the absolute best refinishing and exterior maintenance products available to build there businesses.

Smart business owners who refuse to compromise the integrity of their services, just to slightly lower their costs by using inferior products.

In this world of shrinking customer satisfaction, we at SPR® refuse to compromise the quality and integrity of our products.

And we are looking for applicators with these same moral values.

Join us today. Together, we can go to the top.