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Repair Kit for Glastic No Spray Refinishing

  • $ 30000

Make flawless chip repairs on porcelain tubs & showers

Make up to 50 quarter size chip repairs with this kit.

All you need to perform basic chip repairs. Now includes the SPR T-5 Stealth Blemish Detector, a $50 Value, with Long Life bulb and New Tub Repair Products.

To avoid the use of paints on tubs that will be restored the chip filler must match the tubs color before refinishing the tub or shower using No Spray Refinishing method.

Tinting the KF-40 is the first step in getting a color match. If it is not a perfect match, after the filler is applied, dried and sanded smooth, apply 2-W to blend in the chipped area.

The SPR T5 Stealth detector light helps you make chip repairs disappear. For the perfect tub and shower repairs, the Obliquetech lighting enables the T5 Stealth™ detector light to reveal any surface imperfections that must be repaired before refinishing.

Chip Repair Kit Includes

  • Tints
  • Chip repair instructions
  • Mixing sticks
  • Clear hardener
  • KF-40 White Filler
  • Assorted sand paper
  • Ceramic mixing pallet
  • Rubber sanding block
  • T-5 Stealth Detector Light
  • 2-W blemish blender (white)
  • 2-W blemish blender (gray white)
  • 2-W blemish blender (yellow white)

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